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How to Segment & Supercharge Interactive Meeting Results

Segmentation is a powerful standard marketing practice that organizes customers into useful, relevant categories.

At MeetingPulse, the audience segmentation feature of our live feedback app allows you to identify which audience members share key qualities or roles.

Discover the Power of Entry Polls

Entry poll segmentation means that the information gathered from an audience during a live feedback session has more punch in the end — revealing the particular preferences, questions, or interests of certain types of audience members.

Invite Audience Members to Self-Identify

Members of your audience who are in strategic managerial roles will likely provide different responses from lower-level operational employees. Allowing audience members to self-identify prior to a live feedback session provides an important framework for understanding the information they provide.

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If you’d like to explore MeetingPulse’s entry poll segmentation features firsthand, you’ll need a free trial or membership. If you don’t yet have access to MeetingPulse, simply follow the step-by-step instructions here.

This post will give you the basic level of orientation that you’ll need if you’d like to complete the steps below on your own.

How to Use MeetingPulse Entry Polls and Reports

Once you have created a meeting, go to the polls page and click on “Entry poll.” Type out the poll question(s) you would like to ask and provide response options for your audience. Then save your entry poll. This poll will show up on each user’s screen at the very beginning of your meeting.

When you start your meeting, audience members will see the following type of screen. This entry poll ensures that you will have basic segmentation data regarding job roles for all participants.

After you conclude your meeting, you will be able to view various reports, like the one below regarding polls. The reports will describing the data gathered and its correlation to entry poll data. Reports are viewable online and can be saved in CSV format for later use.

The data in the detailed poll CSV can be used to create any type of detailed segmentation report.

Our MeetingPulse designers and event professionals can assist with the creation of such reports. Contact us for details.

At MeetingPulse, we provide real-time survey and polling software that runs in any browser, so you’ll never need to download an app. Anyone can easily participate using their mobile device or computer via a short link.

Check out our Features page for details. MeetingPulse technology was developed with simplicity in mind and offers a wide array of customizable options to fit your interactive meeting needs.

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