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Start Your Next Online Meeting With a Quiz

It’s tough to feel energized going into online meetings. You may be looking at a host of other faces on your computer screen, but the reality is you’re in a space by yourself. To stir up your audience and create a virtual environment that people want to be a part of, consider starting with a fun quiz.

The quiz could be an icebreaker with fun questions meant to make people laugh, or challenge them with company trivia. It’s up to you. However you do it, a quiz can invigorate your meeting.

To save you time, we’ve created 4 fun, interactive quizzes sure to get your audience engaged. Feel free to customize these for your company and see your meetings start with a bang!

Company Trivia Quiz

You and your audience may be surprised at what they don’t know about your company. Like a family, your company has a unique history, milestones, stories, and of course, jokes that can form the basis of a company trivia quiz.

How did our company get its name? A: It’s a variation of another word B: It came to the CEO in a dream C: It refers to an iPhone feature

How many people are currently employed at our company? A: 130 B: 139 C: 145

What was the first color of our logo? A: Blue B: Red C: Black

Which item would you NEVER find in the People Ops office? A: Banana peel B: CEO’s slippers C: An aquarium

How many children do our employees have in total? A: 45 B: 16 C:35

How many Dave’s are currently working in our company? A: 3 B: 8 C: 4

Currently, how many active Slack channels do we have? A: 88 B: 95 C: 101

Not including the founders, how long has our longest-tenured employee worked here? A: 22 years B: 15 years C: 6 years

How many people in our company also play in a band? A: 11 B: 5 C: 2

Which Slack channel gets you the Marketing team? A: #request_marketing B: #all-marketing C: #marketing_news

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Social Media Quiz

phone with social media

The social media world is full of quiz material. Crazy facts, weird memes, and general strangeness are all your disposal. Here are some social media stats for your amazement. We’ve put a * next to the correct answer.

Which was the most downloaded app for 2019? A: Messenger B: Tiktok C: WhatsApp*

How many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? A: 500 hours B: 300 hours* C: 200 hours

How many minutes per day does the average person spend on Instagram in 2020?A: 28 minutes*B: 37 minutesC: 104 minutes

Who is the person most followed on Instagram? A: @kyliejenner (Kylie Jenner) B: @cristiano (Cristiano Ronaldo)* C: @therock (Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”)

83% of parents on Facebook are FB friends with their children. True* False

Worldwide, the most popular emoji is the “face with tears of joy.” True* False

One tweet has been retweeted 4.2 million times. It’s a promise of money to 100 people by a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa (founder of ZOZO). True* False

The average CEO has how many connections on LinkedIn? A: 975 B: 930* C: 1,100

In 2019, the most downloads of TikTok came from India. True* False

On Instagram, how many likes does a @world_record_egg currently have? A: 45.3 million B: 54.4 million* C: 31.9 million

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Business Stats Quiz

Meeting attendee using Meeting pulse

Check out how you and your team can start utilizing MeetingPulse for better meeting Experience! How well do your employees know your company performance numbers? Turn your stats into a quiz and enjoy watching your audience trying to remember how well the company has done in sales, retention, sign-ups, etc.

How many key deals does the sales team do this quarter? A: 38 B: 56 C: 29

What is our average ticket response time? A: 5 minutes B: 7 minutes C: 10 minutes

What was our highest number of weekly sign-ups for this quarter? A: 12,865 B: 15,982 C: 13,783

What was our company’s YoY growth in sales? A: 92% B: 112% C: 126%

How many new people have come to work with us this quarter? A:11 B: 15 C: 7

How many minutes have we spent on Zoom this quarter? A: 100,000 minutes B: 200,000 minutes C: 500,000 minutes

This quarter, what has been our average NPS? A: 73.9 B: 75.2 C: 71.6

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Remote Work Quiz

remote worker

Here’s a quiz just for your remote workers. It’s full of interesting facts they may or may not know. This quiz can be run at the start of a meeting to warm-up your audience and challenge their minds, or you can run it at the end of the meeting to make them smile. We’ve put a * next to the correct answer.

On average, how much money per year can people save by working remotely? A: $7,000 to $10,000 /year B: $2,000 to $7,000 /year* C: $10,000 to $12,000 /year

In March 2020, on average, how many people used Zoom per day? A: 200 million* B: 150 million C: 100 million D: 212 million

How many tons of carbon emissions have been saved by people working remotely? A: 2.9 million tons B: 2.2 million tons C: 3.6 million tons* D: 2 million tons

The percentage of remote workers who say they are more productive working from home is 65%. True* False

The percentage of workers who said they would like to work remotely (at least part of the time) for the rest of their careers is 99%. True* False

How much money do companies save per year for each remote worker? A: $11,000* B: $15,000 C: $13,000 D: $20,000

What percentage of online meeting participants are less likely to multitask if their camera is on? A: 67% B: 73% C: 82%* D: 31%

To Wrap Up

A quiz is a great way to stir energy and anticipation with your audience before an online meeting. It gets everyone thinking, laughing, and engaged!

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