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The Corporate World’s Rising Focus on Employee Engagement

According to a recent HR Drive brief, employers must think beyond automation to improve employee engagement when it comes to today’s workforce.

The corporate world is shifting toward a stronger focus on employee engagement, rather than primarily focusing on businesses processes and transactions. The human element is rising as a priority, and not surprisingly so.

Along with this shift, studies show that company leaders feel increasingly challenged to create satisfying quality employee experiences, so there is a lot of room for improvement.

New pressures and expectations come along with the growing importance of the employee experience, primarily because employee satisfaction has a direct effect on retention levels.

Employee feedback software is in a position to play a key role in both increasing employee engagement and empowering leadership.

Browser-based software like MeetingPulse gives employees a chance to voice their opinions and concerns — while providing an avenue for members of administration to learn about employee needs — thus allowing them to more accurately satisfy those needs.

According to Jon Westy, SilkRoad‘s VP of corporate marketing:

2017 stands to become a significant turning point for how organizations think about and engage with employees. We can go beyond automating HR functions to activating employees through engaging employee experiences and agile approaches to performance management.

At MeetingPulse, we believe in the importance of high focus on employee engagement. We also believe in empowering business leaders to glean the information that matters from their employees.

That is why we created our browser-based employee feedback software, which makes it easier to conduct polls, Q&A sessions, raffles, live surveys, and to take advantage of the resulting data.

We are happy to see reports, like this recent brief from HR Drive, that acknowledges recent shifts toward healthier corporate practices.

We hope that products such as ours, along with a rising interest in quality leadership practices, lead to future workplace relationships that are more deeply satisfying for both leaders and employees alike.

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