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Go On, Wow Millennials with Feedback Apps

Roughly one third of employees in America are 18-34 years old. The shift from a generation-x dominant workforce to a millennial workforce occurred a couple of years ago.

A younger, more tech savvy workforce

As a result of this compositional change in the workforce, businesses have had to reconsider their practices, newly examining how they might meet or conflict with the needs of this younger, tech savvy, contemporary workforce.

The displacement of traditional feedback methods

Increasingly, due to skepticism from millennial workers, companies have been ditching or overhauling the traditional annual performance review and employee satisfaction survey process.

Along with all of these changes in workforce age and feedback technique preferences, there has been a rise in the availability of alternative methods. Employee feedback apps and browser-based options have become more readily available, more effective, and more popular.

And while millennials are clearly skeptical about some of the more traditional methods, according to a study by Fast Company

Nearly 70% of young employees in our study still feel confident that the process can help them learn and grow. They’d just like to see some changes made.

Consider the change of going digital and versatile via employee feedback apps. Rather than sticking to static surveys that are rarely updated or limiting employees to rare feedback reviews with potentially intimidating consequences — consider exploring newer, more versatile, more regularly applicable tech-friendly options.

Meeting the needs of the millennial workforce

Whether this new technology is applied every day in meetings — or whether it is used at occasional town hall meetings or for unique feedback exercises – it’s incredibly user-friendly and takes advantage of many of the preferences and tendencies of the millennial crowd.

There are quite a few options out there that allow employees to provide feedback via text message, native apps, or browser-based feedback tools.

Not surprisingly, at MeetingPulse, we prefer the ease offered by browser-based employee feedback apps. Text messaging is a bit clunky and provides no real interaction and downloading an app on the fly tends to put a kink in things.

The advantages of browser-based feedback

Browser-based software makes it possible for employees to provide feedback anywhere, anytime, without any downloads. When used properly, it creates a more open dialogue between employees, management, and administration.

Employee feedback apps vary, but many, including MeetingPulse, offer an array of easily configurable options including polls, surveys, raffles, and Q&A.

Unlike the old static methods that don’t knock the socks off of millennials, employee feedback apps provide immediate on-screen visualizations that share the sentiments, questions, or opinions of everyone in the room.

And because these versatile apps are customizable, they make it so much easier to speak your employees’ language — whatever it may be.

Rise to the occasion one meeting at a time

With the right apps and a little open-mindedness, anyone can rise up to the occasion and welcome the millennial workforce with open arms. So go on, open your browser and give it a shot. Explore the organizational frontiers of tomorrow… one interactive meeting link at a time.

At MeetingPulse, we provide real-time survey and polling software that runs in any browser, so you’ll never need to download an app. Anyone can easily participate using their mobile device or computer via a short link.

MeetingPulse technology was developed with simplicity in mind and offers a wide array of customizable options to fit your interactive meeting needs.

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