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Let Executive Sponsors Drive Organizational Change

It’s not easy to shift organizational habits. When change needs to be made, it’s important to have a champion within the organization who has the clout, talent, and drive to make sure that the change is successful. That’s why The Business Journals recommend executive sponsors in their recent article titled How to drive organizational change by making the most of executive sponsors. According to author Mark Langley,

Effective executive sponsors have thorough knowledge of a project and how it connects to business strategy. They also have the necessary skills and authority to clear roadblocks, the confidence to make quick and effective decisions, and the influence to champion the project with senior management and position it as a top priority.

Without great team leaders and those in positions of power able to drive organizational change, large initiatives can fall flat. According to Langley, it’s important that organizations take care to distribute sponsorship wisely so that executives are truly able to support organizational change while carrying out their regular duties.

Proper communication on all levels is also paramount, as executives are in a position to communicate — and to be effectively heard — by both leaders and employees. The ability of an executive to play this mediating role is incredibly powerful, especially if a project hits snags or loses momentum. According to Langley,

Organizations can bridge the communications gap between influencers and those implementing projects and programs to significantly increase collaboration and support, boost project success rates, and reduce risk.

Bottom line, if your organization need to make a major shift, don’t let your ship sail without a captain. Make sure that someone knowledgeable is at the wheel so that employees aren’t scrambling to coordinate when challenges arise.

The more support there is from the top — and the more team members know exactly who to turn to for aid — the more likely it is that your initiative will be a success in the end.

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