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Workplace Awareness: Nonverbal Communication

Most of us think about corporate communication as a formal process that happens in meetings, in discussions, via email, via app, or over the phone. We often think about words, whether it’s in a formal letter or delivering a presentation.

But one key aspect of corporate communication is commonly overlooked. Though its meaning is hard to pin down, it happens from the moment you set foot in the workplace.

What Does Nonverbal Communication Mean?

Nonverbal communication is the way you interact with people in ways other than using words. This process changes affects how your coworkers perceive you.

Nonverbal communication, according to a wide variety of experts over the years, is responsible for about 60-90% of overall communication.

The importance of nonverbal communication as a professional tool is significantly overlooked given how much it actually matters. It’s the quieter side of communication in general — and corporate communication specifically.

Nonverbal Communication Examples

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